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03:41pm 04/01/2007
  This is kind of amusing, it's an online game that's trying to break the record of most people playing a game. 7 million players. If you're interested, you can have my invitation link: www.lost.eu/1396c.  
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Hey there, look MEEZ over! 
02:45pm 01/12/2006
mood: excited

Hey there faithful Meezers,

You asked for it - You got it. Meez has updated not only our look, but also our features! Swing by today to:

  • ADD boyfriends & girlfriends! (Do the names "Brad Pitt" and "Jessica Alba" ring any bells? Huh? No? Please, allow us to introduce you...)

  • ZOOM & SPIN your Meez - Bring those details to life with these oh-so-necessary options.

  • SEE the new colors! Very chic, very post-millennium, always snazzy.

  • BROWSE with ease! We've made navigation easier and changed a couple of names.
    MeezMall is now MeezMaker and Beenz are now Coinz. (We've kept your favorite Meez export and forum intact.)
  • BETTER SAVINGS - No, we're not talking banking, here. Now, you can save smaller versions of your animated Meez! There's even an undo button! (Now if only we could add that to real life...)

So there you've got the incredibly abridged list of the latest ways Meez rocks today. Please come by and drop us a line. We'd love to know what you think!

Have a lovely weekend and happy Meezin'!

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go tend to my Brad...Err, work...



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Funny blog 
04:57pm 30/10/2006
I’ve been seeing those ads about the guy who lived in his car for a week and made a short film about it, I looked him up (I was bored) and apparently he also put up a whole blog about it http://7daysinasentra.blogs.com
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Ultimate Time-Killer 
04:36pm 31/08/2006
  Online quizzes make me think too much. I prefer making and remaking myself. And then remaking myself again. And again and again...


Here's a previewCollapse )
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Movie and pun puzzles 
12:36pm 05/07/2006
  Hi there!

I've made a couple of puzzle sites to help cure boredom:

http://www.StickScene.com is a website full of people’s drawings of scenes/posters from movies and TV where you have to guess the name. There are over 400 on there, so that should keep you busy for a while!

http://Puns.StickScene.com is a similar thing, except with puns, phrases, song titles, lyrics, and anything else that can be shown in a non-literal visual form. Currently there are 30 on there, but more are being added every day.

If you're feeling creative then you can make an account and add new puzzles to the sites too. Any standard of artistry is fine, it could be in black and white with stickmen if you want as long as it's guessable!

'Hope you enjoy them! I'm trying to get word around about these sites, so if you know people who would like them then please pass on the links. Thanks!
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CATCH 27! 
07:46pm 18/06/2005
  CATCH 27 - make a card, invite your friends, swap their asses!

This is so addicting and super fun (AND FREE!!) when you're bored.. or procrastinating!
You can win CRAZY prizes like iPods/iPod Shuffles, PS2s, alcohol, etc..
tons and tons of really great prizes and they give them away ALL THE TIME!

All you do is make a card for yourself then trade around to make a "pack" of 27 that follow some kind of theme. Cooler/more complex packs = better prizes.

CATCH 27 - make a card, invite your friends, swap their asses!
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04:36pm 17/05/2005
  Strange things guys do in the bathroom  
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BSNews | America Prefers BSNews 
07:27am 31/03/2005
check out the latest article I wrote on my news satire site. It's called:

MILF Fever catching on with Motherfuckers Everywhere

or visit the site:

if you're a talented, serious comedy writer, I'd love to work with you.
if so, check out what our site redesign will look like- coming soon:

or click on my username and check out the blog I just started.
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02:47pm 23/01/2005
  wOw this place hasn't been updated in for a long time. I wonder if any of you still have their ljs ^_^

Here's a site to cure boredom:

How many of you know about neopets? warning: can be addictive. lol.
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I Thought It Was Funny 
08:24pm 21/09/2004



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03:26pm 21/09/2004
  hey, guys! we're looking to start a following! bored? come hang out!

kick Bored in the arse.

The bored board. "Bored No More!"

see you soon!

Admin- The Bored Board
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01:44pm 04/09/2004
  http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?sarrybaby bored....

sign up and you wont' be bored anymore

a very amusing site!;]
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11:27am 12/08/2004

Get a free mini i-pod
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don't know if it'll be amusing 
12:08am 20/07/2004
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10:55am 16/07/2004

thats a cool community where any unique person can post anything to releive their boredom. make sure you tell em who brought you there ;)
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10:15am 16/05/2004
  Hey Im new so here

Subliminal Site

Freaky Pic

Great Gaming Site
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12:04pm 10/03/2004
mood: silly
hold on to your dentures while sky diving!
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Fun Game 
07:23pm 03/03/2004
  Tehres this really awesome game, its can be an RPG game if you want to play it like that. Its fairly addicting, but, luckily, doesnt take too much of your time up! If you are interested in joining, or just checking it out, click the following link.

I promise the link isnt malicious, so check it out, who knows you might like what you find!
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well fuck that 
02:39pm 08/02/2004
  my favorite flash video:


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11:43pm 03/02/2004
  japanese translation game  
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